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Here are some questions that are frequently asked about planning casino parties and events. If you have further questions, give us a call at: 916.216.7146


All of our Casino Party Packages include raffle tickets, funny money and all the accessories to run the games.

We offer the additional insurance at no charge. We also carry workman’s comp insurance.

We are proud of our finely trained casino staff – many with genuine casino experience. We also have a service mark program with continuing education to ensure that we offer the latest and greatest in casino entertainment. We pride ourselves on being able to keep both novice and experienced players engaged and entertained at the tables, teaching and coaching beginners while keeping the seasoned players on their toes to ensure all party guests have a great experience.

Private Label Casino Party is a family operated business with teams in Sacramento, Napa, Sonoma Counties, all of the San Francisco Bay Area, San Joaquin Valley, Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. Each area has their own gaming tables and supplies. More
importantly, all casino parties are staffed with local team members (professional dealers and delivery crew).

We do our best to offer a fair and competitive rate based on specific event needs and the party details. For example, a two-table party with dealers for a downtown hotel on a Friday in December will cost quite a bit more than the same two-tables with dealers for a house party on a Sunday afternoon in October. The cost of delivery, ease of set-up
labor, dates, and timing are some of the factors we must consider when pricing our rentals. We will always be fair and offer the best value we can.

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